Thing I Have Learned From Fly Fishing

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Things I Have Learned From Fly Fishing

by Ron Newman

  • Like hatches, most things in life occur in cycles. If you know the cycles you will be successful
  • Life is more than a can of worms but is less than a Royal Coachman.
  • Even beautiful things sometimes have a barbed hook.
  • Trout have shown me that you can get into trouble by opening your mouth.
  • Flies do not make very good earrings, particularly if you have never had your ears pierced.
  • De-barb your fly before trying it on as an earring or catching a fish you intend to release.
  • Don't judge a fisherman by the size of his rod.
  • Never criticize anything prepared by the camp cook unless you are willing and able to take over his job.
  • Don't plan your evening meal around fish that you haven't yet caught.
  • Those who spit, piss or cast into the wind are usually wet behind the ears.
  • Often the Big Fish are just a dead weight and it is the middle management fish that will fight hardest.
  • Swarming and mating in flight is not all that it is cracked up to be.
  • If you consider the landing of a fish as a 'bonus', then you will always enjoy fishing. If what you are trying isn't working, then try something else.
  • If you will need something while fly fishing, then don't keep it in your fishing vest.
  • Removing the barb doesn't decrease your effectiveness.
  • If you are observant it will improve your success as well as your enjoyment of the sport.
  • It takes more than expensive equipment to be proficient at what you are doing.
  • The size of a fish is directly proportional to his intelligence and inversely proportional to his killer instincts.
  • The joy of flyfishing is lost when you have a beer can in one hand and your rod in the other.
  • Fly fishers will share their knowledge, flies and gear but never their secret fishing lake.
  • One good vise is enough for any fly tier.
  • If you rock the boat or make waves, expect the skittish fish to scatter.
  • Don't wade into chest deep waters if you are only wearing hip waders.
  • A bad day of flyfishing is better than a good day at work.
  • Don't put any foreign materials into the lake except your anchor and your fly.
  • Unless you enjoy fishing in a crowd don't advertise when the fishing is good.
  • A wind knot is a casting knot made when there were no witnesses.
  • The heavy-handed fisherman and his fish are soon parted.
  • Our trout have marvelous growth rates. They double in size each time the story of their catch is retold.
  • About 20% of the fishermen catch about 80% of the fish.
  • What causes stress is different for fish than it is for people but the reactions are often the same.
  • Large fish establish and protect a territory leaving the smaller fish to school and compete with each other.
  • The most dangerous time for a fish is when the demand for aquatic food is high and the supply is low.
  • A good imitation or a good attractor is often just as good a selling point as the real thing.
  • The boy who learns to fish will become a better man because of it.

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Thing I Have Learned From Fly Fishing