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Game Fish Species of British Columbia


Stizostedion vitreum or Yellow Walleye, Pickerel, Yellow, Pike, Pike-Perch, Walleye Pike, Wall-Eyed Pike/Perch

DESCRIPTION - The average length of this species of Walleye is 13-20 inches long weighing 1-3 pounds at three years of age. Typical Walleye colouring characteristics are a olive-brown to golden brown to yellow background with paler, golden flecked sides. Younger fish have dark, vertical bands across the back and down the sides.

DISTRIBUTION - The Walleye can be found in fresh water throughout North America and in British Columbia, in the north. They thrive in large, shallow, turbid lakes.

BIOLOGY - Walleye spawning occurs in the spring to early summer in the rocky areas of white waters below impassable falls and dams in rivers. Egg numbers have been given as high as 612 000; these eggs hatch 12-18 days later.

RELATION TO MAN - The Walleye is probably the most economically valuable species in much of Canada's inland waters. It is fished by sport fishermen in the summer and winter with live minnows or artificial lures as bait. The Walleye has a firm white to pinkish flesh.

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