Phil's Fly Box : Glenn's Leech

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Phil's Fly Box:
Glenn's Leech

with Philip Rowley
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Step 1: Debarb and weight hook. Attach thread and secure weight in position.

For those looking for a simple, easy to tie and deadly leech pattern, look no more. Thanks to angling friend Glenn Gerbrandt I have found it, Glenn's Leech. Glenn first told me of this pattern over 2 years ago while we were discussing one of our favorite waters, Dragon Lake near Quesnel. This pattern has made converts of Glenn and I.


Step 2: Attach tail material. Trim hide no longer than the bend of the hook.

Many of our friends have been seduced by its magic. It is a versatile pattern than can pull a double shift imitating both a leech and a damsel nymph. It offers all of the hallmarks of any successful stillwater pattern, size, shape, color and behavior.

Glenn's leech combines a weighted Tiemco 2457 hook (Sizes #8-#12), gold wire, rabbit fur and marabou. The weighted hook causes the pattern to ride upside down keeping the fly weedless. When tying in the rabbit strip tail leave a short stub of the hide extending no further than the bend of the hook. This stops the rabbit tail from fouling around the hook. From my own personal observation trout seem to prefer leeches 3 inches in length or smaller, so don't waste you time tying "monster" leech patterns.

Step 3: Attach rib.

A #10 Glenn's Leech is my favorite size. Be sure to tie your Glenn's Leeches in a spectrum of colors. I have experienced stellar results with brown, black, olive, brown, maroon and gray. Brown has been a real sleeper in the clear marl lakes such as Dragon, Courtenay and White.

To fish this pattern I use a line appropriate to the depth of water I am fishing. My two personal favorites are an intermediate line and the newer Stillwater line. My leaders usually range from 9 to 12 feet. The clearer the water the longer the leader. A varied hand twist retrieve or short 3 to 4 inch pulls combined with pauses brings the best results. Takes are seldom subtle.

Bump and grind a Glenn's Leech on or near the bottom where the bruisers live. You'll be impressed by this fly's simple charms.

Glenn's Leech

  • Thread: Color To Suit
  • Hook: Tiemco 2457 #8-#12 Weighted
  • Tail: Narrow, Short Strip of Rabbit Fur (Color to Suit)
  • Rib: Fine Gold Wire
  • Body: Marabou, Wound By The Tips
Step 4: Attach 10 to 15 strands of marabou by tips. Wind the body forward to the eye. Keep a slim profile in mind.
Step 5: Counter wind the rib, tie off then twist and break the wire. This eliminates the trimmed end of the wire from cutting the tying thread.
Step 6: Form a neat head and whip finish.
The final product.

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Phil's Fly Box : Glenn's Leech